Claudianett Bady Williams is a 67 year old personal trainer with over 23 years experience in Christian health and fitness warfare training. God has blessed her to be the Owner and Founder of the Body Ecology Shop®, located in Augusta, Georgia from 1994-2006. She has been anointed and appointed by God to prepare His people to be good caregivers of God's earthen vessel (the body / God's Temple). God has given her the task to lead a Global  Cross Walk In - Home Shape - Up  With Jesus Challenge, from your very own home and  by internate. 

For over 23 years, Claudianett  has been allowing the Holy Spirit to train her for times as these, as an end time Visionary for Kingdom Building. God is sending her out to teach His message to the  people, how to live  a loving relationship with  Him in all that they do! Her job is to be here for you, and encourage you on, while going through your storms of life ( i.e. child on drugs, no job, little faith, the lost of a love one, low self esteem, etc.) in this unhealthy world. You will know how to eat right, do right and stay right  if you use this Backpack  correctly for 21 days. As the  Walk is being completed right now Claudianett said, "I am in a storm that is so big, so painful, disappointing, seen impossible but I know God will change things, if I just keep the faith in the God N Jesus. I refuse to eat my way through this storm like I use to do, because I understand now." Claudia said, 'I 've got a real relationship with the God "N" Jesus in me, and I am the devil's worse nightmare! ' 

We know that our society changes and ages, our youth and adults, individuals and families will come face to face with many of the prevailing health problems such as heart diseases, obesity, cancer, diabetes, strokes, high blood pressure and many more. 

When individuals and families of our communities are empowered with knowledge about unhealthy issues, and gain access to prevention and care, they will become better able caregivers to manage and live longer healthy lives. Join us in the 21 Day Global Cross Walk In - Home Shape - Up  With Jesus Challenge!

I am in the Kingdom blessings for the building up souls for God's Kingdom, through the visions  God has inspired me to carry forth. Be bless and join us in victory by the Blood of Jesus' Christ.

Claudianett Bady Williams
Visionary  Warrior For God's Kingdom
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